Club routes

This section will offer detailed information about many of the popular routes used by the club for organised rides and some favourites used by individul members.

The elevation 'graphs' give a good indication of the climbing involved and the overall distances are clearly shown.

Most are 'round' trips starting and finishing at the Pink Pub. On longer routes we try to identify at least one stopping point for refreshments where club members have visited and received a warm welome. (Things do change and if you visit and are disappointed please let us know and we will amend the entry.

Garmin routes

Many of you will be familiar with the Garmin family of cycle computers.

The 800 and upwards in the range offer full GPS mapping technology, and links are given for each ride which you can download and install on your unit.

Please note: Roads close, others open and layouts change over time and whilst these routes were correct when listed on the site. We cannot guarantee that all routes will be open as displayed when you use these maps and downloads as a guide. If you find any changes please let us know and we can update the routes accordingly.


If you have any routes that you think members would enjoy, please send us a link to the Garmin route along with a short description and we will try to include it.


Club Routes

(Click on the images for a larger view)

West Meon and back

A great 71 mile route with mixed rolling terrain. A couple of steep climbs in there to mix it up for you but suitable for most club riders Click here for the Garmin route

BRCC Sunday Standard route to Stansted

A steady 'Sunday morning' route with the option a great coffee stop in the Pavilion Tearoom at Stansted House. This rolling route has one short but sharp climb up Old House Lane. Get up that and you are 5 minutes from refreshments and well earned break Click here for the Garmin route

Rake and back

This route has been used as the Club's 'Good Friday' tour for the last couple of years, and proves a popular choice with regular members. Some challenging hills, including Turkey Island feature throughout the route but for all those climbs there are some thrilling descents and enough level miles to allow you to recover and build up for the next climb. Super lunches available at the Flying Bull in Liss are an added bonus. Click here for the Garmin route

Box Hill

There can't be many self respecting cycling clubs in the South East of England who don't have a prepared route to the top of the iconic Box Hill, just outside Dorking. Luckily for us the round trip just tips us over the edge of 100 miles so we manage two great cycling achievements in one ride.

This particular route avoids the brutal 25% sections of White Down Lane but there is no escaping Leith Hill. By the time you get to the famous 'Zig Zag' road leading to the summit of Box Hill, the climb there will seem relatively easy. A hard ride out but well rewarded by the Cafe at the top with free water fill ups and plenty of cakes and coffee. The return to Bognor is more forgiving with a much easier rolling terrain including some long flat stretches. Click here for the Garmin route

Wisborough Green - Petworth - Harting

Club Route 1

This is one of our regular Sunday Club Rides. A mostly steady route but with a couple of sharp climbs that will test your resolve and your legs. It's a 70 mile round trip but there are plenty of options for breaks or opportunities to cut back early if your Sunday lunch suddenly seems like a better idea. If you stay through to the end make sure you keep something in the bag for the last real climb at 56 miles in when you meet Harting Hill Click here for the Garmin route


BRCC TT Route - P901

This is the mainstay of the BRCC TT season routes. A fairly standard out and back course with a small loop through Maudlin and Westhampnet. On calm evenings we have had some very fast times on this route and with a majority of the distance ridden on the A27, road conditons are usually smooth and pot hole free. From the start you are straight into the first descent getting you up to pace quickly and then letting you keep it there as the road goes on to the roundabout at Tangmere. Take the cheers of support from supporters at the bridges and push on round Temple Bar and back onto the A27. Keep something in your legs for the last stretch as this is the where the pain kicks in. The final length towards the finish is uphill, not a climb we'd give a second thought to on a club run but if you've been going all out for the last 9.5 miles, it hurts.

Please remember to take the underpass route back to the HQ, even the best times will be forfeited if you turn right at the roundabout by Fontwell racecourse Click here for the Garmin route


BRCC TT Route - P903/10

Used by Bognor for some of their Sunday TT events and now used by Blazing Saddles as their default course for the PTTL Competition.

This route has it all, a quick downhill start, a long stretch along the A27 which is fairly flat, smooth and on a good day very fast. Then the big climb up to the top of Whiteways, nothing too steep but a long and 'dragging' section. Finally when you've done 9.5 miles of this course it hits you with a short but sharp rise up and round the corner past the Spur Pub. We always try for a few supporters cheering you on this last stretch to help you over the summit, then you slip on down to the fnish 100 yards or so from the top. Click here for the Garmin route

BRCC TT Route - P912/8

The course for the 2016 'Novice TT ' race.

This route is used for the first and last few evening TTs of the season. At 8 miles it allows for a full field while the sunlight is in short supply, as the days get longer we transfer to the P901 course and the full 10 mile length TT format.

This course may be short with a fast downhill start, but one look at the elevation reveals the sting in this course's tail comes just before the finish with the long 'draggy' climb back through Halnaker and past the start point. If you get there, the rest is 'easy' with a small dip followed by the fastest finish of our season as you drop down past the vineyards to the finish point. Click here for the Garmin route


BRCC TT Route - P913

This is usually the first route and used as the opener to the TT season. It's known as the 'Goodwood Hilly' and for very good reasons. The gentle start along Roman Road and through Halnaker just prepares you for the climb up to the top of Goodwood. Then the rolling road along the top beside Goodwood racecourse before the exhilarating descent of Kennell Hill and back round to the start. The route shown here is the 12.5 mile version, it is often doubled up to 25 by completing two circuits.

Click here for the Garmin route


BRCC TT Route - P913 (alternative 1st Loop)

Due to roadworks at Maudlin this is the revised 'alternative' route for the P913. Please note I have only mapped out the first loop, you will need to complete the loop twice to finish the ride. Also note, for some reason Garmin didn't like this route and slipped in a couple of glitches. If you zoom in on the Chichester bypass section, it wants to take a small detour along Rutland Way, to achieve this you would have to fight through trees and thick brambles, best to stick to the bypass and then simply take the first exit onto the A27. It also didn't like us taking the slip road from the A27 back up to the A285 so seems to have taken a very peculiar route under the bridge and then up over the emnbankment, climbing on to the bridge and back onto the road. No extra allowance will be made if you take this route and our recomended option is to simply take the slip road back to the start/finish point.

Click here for the Garmin route


BRCC Route E1

One of our 'starter' routes, offering a flatter ride of 25 miles to and from the Pink Pub. We have included the climb at 'Sculptures' because, well face it unless we go swimming there's no totally flat routes when you're this close the the South Downs The coffee and cakes at the Forge in Slindon will more than make up for any effort put in to get over them. Then the shorter and mainly flat/downhill gentle ride back to the Pink Pub finishes the route of nicely for a Sunday morning. Click here for the Garmin route


BRCC Route E2

This is one of our 'starter' routes, offering a flatter route of around 25 miles round circuit to and from the Pink Pub. There are two short but challenging climbs included either side of the coffee break at the Forge in Slindon. This offers a great incentive to get over it on the way there and then after a rest, it's homeward bound for the shorter half of the route with the promise of the comfy chair at home to get you over the second climb. Click here for the Garmin route


BRCC Sunday Easy

This is another one of our 'starter' routes, this one being a bit longer at just over 31 miles end to end and with slightly higher, but more forgiving, ascent. Some lovely country lanes around Singleton and through East Dean, with a cafe stop at the Forge in Slindon. Once there it's an easy flat ride back through Fontwell, Oving and back to the Pink Pub. Click here for the Garmin route