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Update 16th December 2016

Thomas Trike Fund -

A quick update for everyone especially those who kindly donated. The poor little chap has been in the wars and has spent the last 14 weeks with both legs in plaster. Recently diagnosed with a bone density problem his consultants think that his new trike will help to build his bone strength.

Due to the fact that he is growing like a weed and the weather is more suited to a winter bikes at the moment. Thomas will be fitted for his trike in the early Spring and we are hoping to get a few people together for a little ride out. We will post again as soon as we have more news.

Thomas's parents send their sincere thanks for all your support.


Update 16th October 2016

Dave Prior Memorial Ride -


Isle of Wight June 11th 2017

Following the very sad passing of Dave Prior, our Club President earlier this year. We have decided that to honour Dave’s memory, the club will be riding the to Isle of Wight, which as most of you will know was one of Dave’s favourite "days on a bike". The ride will take place on June 11th next year and can be tackled in three ways

Firstly, a double circuit once clockwise and then anti clockwise! approx. 134 miles!

Secondly a single clockwise circuit approx. 67 miles and

Finally, a much shorter approx. 33 miles’ route.

Mark will be co-ordinating this ride and full details will be available early next year

Dave's family have supported this initiative and hopefully we can make it an annual club event. Carrie Prior is raising funds in support of reasearch into pancreatic cancer. (Link below)

Just Giving - Carrie Prior

Any donations in his memory from the club would be very gratefully received.


Update 10th October 2016

Club Newsletter

The second BRCC Club Fanzine:

Available for download as a pdf version here BRCC Fanzine #2


Update 4th August 2016

Aldingbourne County Centre Charity Cycling Event -


Club ride on Sunday 21st August

The Aldingbourne Trust is holding a Cycling Event at the centre, and have organised three routes for groups and individuals to enjoy on the day.

We have organised for BRCC to take part in this and ride the 50 mile route on the day as part of our Sunday club ride. There are alternative routes of 12 or 36 miles if anyone would prefer to ride those on the day. There will be cycling stalls and refreshments available at the centre.

We will post arrangements on Facebook for meeting up at the Pink Pub to ride over on the day nearer the time

Full details are available on this pdf Click here for information


Update 14th June 2016

Club Kit Order

The online store is now open -Please place and pay for your order by: 28/06/2016

We have available:

    • Speedsuits - New design
    • Winter Bib Tights (with or without Chamois)
    • Short Sleeve Jerseys
    • Long Sleeve Jerseys
    • Pro Bib Shorts
    • Gillet with Mesh Back

If you have ever bought anything online then the process will be familiar - click on the link below to start your order

Tinelli BRCC Kit Order


Update 27th May 2016

BRCC Family Fun Day

Saturday 9th July 2016 from 2pm at West Park Aldwick

You are invited along with you partners, friends and children to and afternoon or socialising and fun in the park.

The plan is to bring your own picnic and any outdoor games you wish to play as a group. It is also a great location to fly a kite so if you have one bring it along. A game of rounder’s is definitely on the cards. There is a playground and Zip slide for smaller children, and toilet facilities on site. I believe it is 20 pence to use them so bring some change.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

Click on the link for a map location Google Maps - West Park


Update #2 16th May 2016

BRCC Takes on Calshott

For many it was a first chance to ride a bike with a single fixed gear, and if the fixed gear wasn't challenge enough, one look at the steep banks of the hard wood circuit stopped a few of us in our tracks, wondering what we had just paid £20 to do. But a short intoducton from the expert there and the first few set out to take on the boards. Within 10 minues it was smiles all round and demands of can we get out there and up the pace?

An excellent experience very well led by the staff at the Centre giving us all plenty of opportunity to get out and ride on the circuit whilst remaining safe and assured througout. Those who went are already planning the next trip and for any who missed out and want give it a go. Keep an eye on the web and facebook page for details.

Pictures of all the fun in the gallery section Click here


Update 16th May 2016

Research Project

Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences at the University of Chichester:

Matthew Cook is looking to recruit participants to a research project being completed in the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences at the University of Chichester. The project will be examining the effect of blackcurrant supplementation on time-trial performance in altitude. Benefits of participation include participants finding out their VO2max, Lactate Threshold, and oxygen cost to intensity which can useful when setting training zones.

Full details are available on this pdf Click here for information


Update 12th May 2016

Club Newsletter

The first BRCC Club Fanzine:

Available for download as a pdf version here BRCC Fanzine #1


Update 4th May 2016

Club Run Information for May

There is a lot going on this month! so to clarify:

Sun: 08th Novices TT (this requires as many as possible club members to help with this event) There will be no official club run although we may go for a steady ride after the event.

Sun: 15th A busy day for club members with plenty of choice. We have the Denis Doughty TT and the M.S. Trust track ride at Goodwood.

Sun 22nd Normal Club Run leaving Pink Pub at 08:00


Update 21st April 2016

Blazing Saddles PTTL 1st May 2016

Blazing Saddles PTTL event is on 1st May and will make use of the same 10mile course as last year with a mixture of fast A road and a long drag up a hill coming out of Arundel. It would be good to see a big turnout and if climbing Whiteways wasn't enough of an incentive the cakes last year were amazing :-) (the route can be seen here).


Update 19th April 2016

Novice Time Trial

On Sunday 8th May the Bognor Regis Cycling Club are running a special cycle race for people who have never raced before. This will be an 8 mile Time Trial over a fixed out and back course based around Halnaker mainly on the A285 east of Chichester (the route can be seen here). The race will be run exactly as it would be for a normal road time trial with the course fully signed, marshals at key junctions and qualified timekeepers.

Club members will be on hand to provide advice and guidance on all aspects of cycle racing. There will also be guides to take riders to and from the Race HQ at Tangmere Village Hall to the Start and Finish points. Registration to ride is open from 8.00am to 8.45am with the first rider off at 9.00am

Riders do not need any special equipment other than a roadworthy bicycle, a working rear light and a hard shell helmet. There will be separate categories for those on mountain bikes and standard road bikes.

Please Note: If you are under 18 you will need to have a signed Parental Consent form or have someone with you at registration who can sign this for you. Click here for the form in pdf format

The entry fee is £3 for those aged 18 or under on the 1st January 2016. For adults the entry fee is £5. This includes insurance while riding the event, refreshments after the event (we normally provide bacon rolls, cakes, tea, coffee etc) and use of the Race HQ’s facilities which include toilets and parking.

So come along and try this exciting sport. Please contact us if you would like further details

Update 17th April 2016


This was passed to me recently by a fellow cyclist, John Grant, from Worthing Excelsior Club. It was taken from the Worthing Gazette of the 7th October, 1908, by WE member Richard Long, using the pen-name of “Dick Turpin”.

(The image to the right is unrelated to the story except that it was taken in 1908 so gives some context to the type of bikes being ridden then. Di2 and carbon were not even the things of dreams then, it looks like they were lucky to have brakes!)

Away to the West!

"WESTWARD Ho!" said my friend the Commodore last Saturday. So with the wind behind and the sun overhead, both combining to make things pleasant, we pedalled through Chichester, bidding adieu to the Irrepressible, who had seen us on the road.

Havant and Fareham came in due course, and soon we were aboard the floating bridge at Southampton; the varied shipping - everything from a tiny yacht to a wicked-looking four-funnelled war craft bobbing a welcome to us as we thumped across the water.

A leisurely wash and a meal, followed by a quiet smoke, figured in our programme as soon as we were clear of Southampton.

Then the silvery moon produced some delicate shimmering effects on the evening mist as we rode through the New Forest by Ringwood to Wimborne Minster. A juicy steak - neither the Commodore nor I would make good vegetarians! - a stroll, and we roosted for the night.

Next day we continued through Dorchester, whence we climbed steadily mile after mile through pretty, undulating country, dotted with characteristic villages.

A long, steep, and winding hill was Somerset’s welcome; then a meal at Crewkerne before continuing.

Our Embarrassment.

At the little village of Hinton St. George street decorations and “Welcome” designs met our eye. We felt a little embarrassed, though con- scious that we deserved it all after the hills we had tackled.

Alas! The welcome was for the home-coming Viscount Hinton!

So in chastened mood we continued through Ilminster, reaching Taunton as the setting sun was purpling the sky. Somerset’s county town, reposing in a thin evening mist, looked very picturesque; here and there a tower or spire standing out against the evening sky, and adding just that touch of dignity which made it seem a desirable stopping place.

We stopped accordingly, and as I write this Gossip we had the comforting reflection that only ten miles away lies “Devon, glorious Devon!”

More Give Than Take

Last year Edgar Henson inaugurated a pure- Bred Sussex road record, to wit, the “Southdown Hundred,” from Worthing to Hastings and back. It is a hilly, “give-and-take” road - rather more of “take” than “give” for speed work! - and when Edgar did the journey of about a hundred miles in two minutes less than six hours, his performance was rightly considered excellent.

But all records are fated to be beaten

Last Thursday Geoffrey Cumines, of Bognor, a young rider well known to the Excelsior boys, was started at eight o’clock a.m. to attack the ride.

From the start a big pace was set! Brighton was reached in a bare half hour; Lewes came soon, and Ringmer saw Cumines seventy-five minutes from leaving Worthing

Hurstmonceux in about half an hour, and the Memorial at Hastings was reached two hours and fifty minutes from the start.

A New Record Created.

Hasty refreshments were taken, and Cumines then tackled the return journey. It was a repetition of the first half as regards speed. To be accurate, he came home in half a minute less than he did the journey outwards, thus putting up a new record of five hours and thirty nine and a half minutes - a reduction of about eighteen minutes on previous best.

Cumines, not yet nineteen years old, is a rider of whom more will be heard. He finished quite coolly, though his follower, Jack Flint, told me Geoffrey had been doing a good deal of the journey at twenty miles an hours! And this on a modest gear of seventy-one inches!

Needless to say, the Excelsior boys have persuaded the new flier to join their ranks.

“Shall be dodging about between Chichester and Offington,” writes G. A. Olley, referring to his whereabouts during the past week-end. The famous record breaker goes on to say he is “following from Brighton to London on Monday” - an expression which clearly signifies one of George’s chums is attacking that much-desired record.

Good luck, say I, to the speedman with pluck enough to attempt that troublesome hundred miles from London to Brighton and back at a continuous unfaltering speed of practically twenty miles an hour!

Dick Turpin signature



Update 9th April 2016

British cycling are launching the Accredited Marshals Scheme into the South East Region for 2016 - Training on Saturday 30th April

An accredited marshal is a trained road cycling marshal who is legally empowered to stop and hold traffic during a race using the 'Stop Cycle Race' sign approved by the Department for Transport.

Accredited Marshals are playing a huge role in securing the future of road racing in this country by making them easier to hold, more professional and, most importantly of all, safer for everyone involved.

Volunteering as an Accredited Marshal is a fantastic way to get involved with supporting the sport of cycling by helping British Cycling to protect the future of road racing in this country. You’ll be playing an important role in ensuring we can provide our next generation of cycling talent with the opportunity to race safely and regularly on Britain’s roads.

The next training is on Saturday 30th April in Crawley. Candidates will need to complete 1 hour of online learning before the course, and commit to 5 races a year. This requirement has been perceived as high, however it is a LANTRA requirement for this level to maintain the professional qualification. Once trained you get a free British Cycling bronze membership, or the value off a higher membership level. You can also claim back travel expenses per mile travelled.

The region needs support from all clubs, racing cyclists and participants to help this scheme get underway. There is 10 races in Surrey under this scheme during 2016 and it will expand into Kent and Sussex for 2017. In some counties such as Hampshire where the scheme has been rolled out much sooner, it has been seen as such a positive step that it has become mandatory. We therefore need your help to run this scheme in case it is made mandatory in the South East region.

More informaton can be found here

If you are interested please contact Simon Bedford, British Cycling Regional Events Officer on or call 07940 302253.