Events list for 2018

The list below is a mix of Sportives and Time Trial events taking place over the 2018 season, including BRCC Club, local and national events.

For those who are interested in the Sportives, check out our facebook group page BRCC on Facebook where club members will post details of any planned BRCC groups taking part. Arrangments to share transport and link together at specific meet up points will be posted there.


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Dates and times were correct when the entries were made, please check with Facebook or Team sites before making arrangements

Course maps and profiles

A great site for checking all the course details for TT's in our area is the Sussex Cyclists Association

Essential TT ettiquette

All Competitors in BRCC organised Time Trials are required to start on machines fitted with FLASHING Rear Lights incorporating a minimum of 3 L.E.Ds. Riders are required to wear a Hard Shell Helmet complying with an internationally recognised safety standard. 


Full BRCC TT rules can be found here Time Trial Rules.pdf

These rules are common across almost all the TT events held in the local area and ensure that we comply with the CTT and BC guidance. We are increasingly being observed and compliance with these rules will help to ensure that we can continue to offer the full programme of events.

Please do not make U-turns on the course during the event and do not stop and chat on the course near the finish board. Once completed, please ride back using the indicated route to the HQ. Remember tea/coffee and some of the best cake on the TT circuit is available back at HQ :-)

Sportive ettiquette

Please check for specific guidance and regulation with the individual Sportive organiser, many now require a helmet to be worn, and there may be other 'local' rules enforced

Please Remember

If you are a member of the club and riding in our Club colours, whilst people may not recognise you as an individual, they will easily rememeber the club you are representing. We have a solid reputation as being one of the 'good groups' out there who respect all other road users and even the small things like taking litter home with you is important in maintaining the standards we are known by. Please help us to keep this.

BRCC Code of Conduct

1 Obey the Highway Code

2 Ride safely and considerately

3 Never be discourteous to other road users or pedestrians, even if affronted by rude or dangerous behaviour

4 We require all members to at least occasionally help out with club events, TTs etc.

5 Wear club kit on club rides and when representing the club in races of any kind

6 Ride a well maintained bike

7 Wear a helmet

8 Carry a spare tube, tyre levers, pump/gas and a multitool

9 Learn and apply all commonly used hand and oral signals when riding on the road or when racing

10 Listen to and follow the advice and instructions of “ride leaders” on club runs


Bunch Riding

Some very informative and clear informationon how to ride safely in groups cycling-essentials-bunch-riding-guide.pdf