For general queries and enquires about joining the Club contact the Secretary:

Paul Edwards

Contact Information

Every club needs a committee and we are no different. Except that whilst there are the necessary regulations (the ever present health and safety etc.)  that need to be complied with. Our view is that we are a cycling club and we'd much rather be out riding than filling out forms.

We meet every quarter, dot the i's and cross the t's and then try to come up with an interesting and varied programme of club events and routes to try out. Copies of the minutes from these meetings are available in the member's section.

If there's anything you would like to know about the club, what we do or how we can help you develop your riding skills please contact us, we will do our very best to assist.

Of course if you have an interest in joining the committe and helping us to shape the future of the club you'd be very welcome. The main contact details and roles are below, probably the best place to start is either Paul Edwards the club secretary (contact details on the left of this page) or Geoff Bewley our Chairman (details below).

Vice Presidents:

Margaret Janman

Valerie Ryan

Chairman: Geoff Bewley

Deputy Chairman and Time Trial Secretary: Richard Miles

General Secretary: Paul Edwards

Social Secretary: Holly Lamek

Treasurer: Mike Mengham

Committee Members:

Phillip Stannard

Life Members:

Paul Cribb,

Brian Mitchell, Valerie Ryan

and Graham Young

Web site design:

Michael Smith

For queries about this website or if you have any Photos to add, please contact us.